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Cabbagetown is Atlanta”s oldest industrial settlement, founded in 1885, the community was made of mostly of laborers at the Fulton Bag & Cotton Mill until the mill shut down in early 1970s. Many of the mills laborers came from the N. GA Appalachians and brought their rich mountain culture, including their religion, crafts, folklore and music to the city. Cabbagetown suffered a serious decline after the mill shut down, but during the 1980s artists, musicians, and students re-discovered Cabbagetown”s eccentric character and affordable homes, and were among the first new residents. The new prosperity of the neighborhood has improved safety dramatically, as well as the quality of life. Many of the shotgun cottages have quaint, new gardens, and boast remodeled, old-fashioned porch fronts. However, there are still plenty of residents today who actually worked in the mill or at least remember when the twin stacks still blew smoke!

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